Instant Start

> From: "G.Tong" <gtong at sirius_com>
> Date: 30 Nov 96 10:35:19 -0800
> >HOWEVER, often in the APD, when we are refering to T-8's, we are talking
> >about a TYPE of fluorescent light, not a size.  Specifically, T-8 is used
> >to refer to high-efficiency Instant-Start bulbs.
> Erik, you meant "Rapid Start," right? Instant Starts are short-lived.

No, I meant Instant Start.  That's what it says on the ballast, at least.
T-8 ballasts are hooked up totally different than Rapid Start NO's... BOTH
pins are tied together at each end, so there is no separate starter wire.
I don't know they start exactly, but I followed the directions.

    - Erik

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