Re: T-8s

>From: crom at cris_com (Crom)
>I just saw a recent posting to the APD which suggested that there was
>more that one kind of t-8 bulb (?).  It said something to the effect
>that the poster wasn't talking about the bulbs often found in 30"
>lengths labeled as T-8s.  Isn't a T-8 bulb just a bulb with a 1"
>diameter, whereas a T-12 has a 1-1/2" diameter?!?

You're right that the term "T-8" refers to Tube and a diameter of eight
1/8-inches, aka a 1-inch diameter tube. T-12 would be a Tube with a
diameter of twelve 1/8 inches, or 1-1/2 inch diameter.

I didn't read the post you refer to. Could the person be talking about
something else--CRI, Kelvin, spectrum, ...?


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