Dosing supplements and nutrient springs


Dupla recommends that it's basic fertilizer, Duplant, be added to the
water with every water change and that the micronutrient supplement,
Duplant 24, be added on a daily basis.

I am wondering is either (or both) additives could be placed in an IV
style dosing bag and added to the tank in a slow, continuous drip (the
additives would be diluted with an appropriate amount of pure water in
the dosing bag. The unit I am thinking of specifically is the Accudose
from R.J. Hunter ($14.95). 

Or would the additives oxidize while being held in the doser in a
diluted form? If it would work, it would certainly be simpler than
manually adding the drops every day and cheaper than a dedicated dosing

While on the topic of the Accudose, in The Optimum Aquarium mention is
made of "nutrient springs" as a continuois source for nutrients in
tropical streams. I cannot find any reference to such inputs as being
important in "The Dynamic Aquarium" but that may not mean much. I
haven't been wading in any tropical streams, but I have done a lot of
sloshing through temperate ones and know that springs, both above the
water line and below it, are very important parts of many aquatic
environments. I have noticed very lush plant growth downstream from
underwater springs in several brooks in my native province of Nova
Scotia (Canada).

Could a "nutrient spring", such as is discussed in TOA, not be simulated
in a large aquarium by using an IV doser held above the water line, with
the input being introduced through a length of air-line tubing that is
run underneath the gravel to a single release point somewhere in the

The flow rate could be adjusted to release a very small amount of
nutrient solution into the substrate on a continuous basis, ensuring of
course that the flow rate is not powerful enough to physically disturb
the gravel and laterite (or whatever other substrate additive is being

Just a thought. I'd like to have some of your thoughts on this.


James Purchase
jpp at inforamp_net