green hedge

In reading the the Blacklisted plants section of the *.aquaria FAQ page
I came across a plant named green hedge which was labelled as being a
non-submersible plant. Iwas old a plant under that name or something
similar. It has been in my aquarium for two months and has failed to do
much otherr that serve as an algae growing substrate. My other plants
(aponogetons, echinodorus,vallisneria) are all doingh fine. I am looking
for some help in identifying what a green hedge plant looks like. If
what I have is green hedge then I do not feel bad giving up on it. The
plant is not dyingt, it just is not growing. Here's my best description
of this plant: leaves spade shaped, maximum of 1" long on a stem which
is also 1" long, there is one leave per stem branching out from the long
stock. Leaves and branching points from the main stalk occur only every
1-2 inches and in some places ther are thin white roots being sent out
from the branching points. The leaves are plain green. If someone can
make sense of this description and let me know if this plant can grow in
an aquarium, I would greatly appreciate it.