Re:Current Dupla Research

> The only trend in research I can see is that they want to make aquarists
> think that the philosophy of Dupla can only be succsesssfull with a lot
> expensive hardware. This is my very personal point of view!

This is certainly not true.  The concepts Dupla promotes are more important
than the technology they sell.  All of their concepts can be applied in an
affordable way.  The most difficult concept to apply cheaply is substrate
heating and that is probably the least imporant of their "golden rules". 
Also, in the last couple of years there have been a couple of viable DIY
alternatives to Dupla's cables published in magazines and on the list.

I don't think the fact that Dupla offers expensive high tech equipment by
which to apply their methods invalidates those methods.  The fact is, their
methods work and work well.