Re: Current Dupla Research

> Now that $1000 Dupla pH controller is an amazing device.  All of the
> aquarium pH meters/controllers available in the US (with the exception of
> the Octopus) are analog.  Dupla's is a true digital product featuring high
> accuracy, temperature compensation, etc.  Do you need such a device to
> control pH?  Heck no!  Would you want such a machine?  If your a
> techo-gadget freak like me, SURE!  However, you can build one much cheaper.

A company called Omega Engineering (http://www.omega.com) has a set of
catalogs for engineering dweebs like me, one of which is titled _pH and
Conductivity_.  They have digital pH meters that range from hand-held
doo-dads that are under $100 to thousand dollar wonders that are
specifically for aquaculture, have RS232 outputs (so you can computer
control your aquarium), and also measure things like dissolved oxygen,
dissolved solids/conductivity, and temperature.  Cool stuff.

Richard Masoner
in icy but sunny Champaign Illinois