Re:Dupla web Site

> From: "Denney, Richard" <rdenney at MSPO1_MED.UTMB.EDU> 
>      Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 17:20:00 -0600 

> After George Booth's suggestion to try getting information from 
> www.dupla.com, I have been repeatedly unable to get anything other than 
> their welcoming message (in German and English), followed by an invitation 
> to explore several following web pages. On both of my browsers, both the 
> German and English pages which are supposed to follow are completely blank! 
> Can anyone else access this site? Surely this does not reflect upon their 
> current state of research ...
> Richard Denney

Dupla site is more than some blank pages. And your blank pages doesn't
tie up with their current state of research.

You should put the blame on poor line condition, maybe it's your ISP
gateway etc etc etc.

TIP: at times browser just showed a blank page with the STOP button in
red( Netscape). After giving, say, 5-10 seconds, you can click the STOP
button. And MOST of the time, your browser will pop up the site's Home
Page. By doing that you are actually forcing what's inside the PC's
buffer to be flushed.

Zon Hisham