Current Dupla Research

> From: James Purchase <jpp at inforamp_net>
> Subject: Current Dupla Research

> Are there any subscribers to this list who can still get Today'
> Aquarium, in either the German or the Italian editions? Is there
> indication in current copies of that magazine just what Dupla is

Yes, I get the magazine, and I write for them from time to time.  
Unfortunately, I can't read German, so I can't tell you much about 
the content.

> The reason I'm asking about this is not to criticize the company
> Booth obviously thinks their system works and has published wond
> articles and photographs proving his success with both Dupla's m
> and their products. 

> I find it ha
> believe that a company like Dupla would just stop their research

I doubt that they have, but sometimes, if you have a system that 
works reliebly, it doesn't pay to mess with it.<g> (and yes, the 
system does work)

> maybe I'm just ticked that they no longer seem to take those of 
> live on this side of the pond (and speak English) very seriously
> their lack of recent published information in English.

They _do_ take us seriously.  But unfortunately, their first foray 
into English language publishing was not financially successful. 
My feeling is that hteir distribution network wasn't large enough, 
and their timing was poor.  When they were publishing in English, 
very few people were seriously interested in planted tanks.
> Does anybody think that a write in campaign to Dupla / AD Aquado
> would have any positive effect, i.e. get them to publish somethi
> English which would document Dupla's (or any other European comp
> current thinking about F/W aquarium maintenance?

I have talked about this several times with Mr. Horst.  I can't 
see that it could hurt for them to hear from more of us.<g>

I owe him a response to a letter today anyway, so I'm going to 
send him a copy of your post.

Some _good_ news is that when Mr. Horst and I were discussing the 
new Dupla Web  site, I suggested that since they don't seem to be 
ready for another foray into English publication yet, it might be 
a good idea if they put English language translations of some of 
the Aquarium Heute articles at the Web site for us to enjoy.  He 
thought it was a great idea, and they will soon be implementing 
it.  So while we won't yet be able to enjoy the whole magazine in 
English, we will be able to benefit from at least some of the 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA