Re: Biolife filter

>From: Sparrow <spug at intlog_demon.co.uk>
>> Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 15:31:01 GMT
>> Subject: Filtering and Carbon and......
>> I have recently been impressed by the look of the "Boilife" immersed
>> wet/dry type filter, except that on the box it says "provides
>> aeration" How is this possible when the whole thing is submerged? Does
>> it have some kind of "snorkel" arrangement?
>> Will it boil off injected CO2? Can a wet-dry be used on a plant tank
>> without CO2 being boiled off?
>> What is the best type of filter for plant tanks?

I used a Biolife filter for more than a year on my heavily planted tank.
First of all it is not completely submerged. The top half inch remains out
of the water. If it were completely submerged the "dry" part would always
be flooded with water unstead of having water trickle through it. It
supplies air (if you wish) by a venturi vent on the powerhead that you can
turn on or off. As I didn't want air I just kept it turned off. The filter
has a carbon insert that also acts as a fine filter. I made little slots in
the floss and shook out all the carbon so was filtering with just the
floss. It was a great filter -- worked very well, was easy to clean. It
comes with a heater too and really kept the water uniformly heated. It was
fine for a planted tank and didn't interfere with the CO2.

Drawbacks: If you wanted to run CO2 through the filter you would have to
drill a hole somewhere. It interferes, to a certain extent, with a glass
cover. It takes up room in the tank. I changed it mainly due to the latter.

in Vancouver