UGH & supplementary heaters, Lighting, CO2 Reactors

Well, plans for the technical side of my new 90 gallon plant tank are slowly
coming together (I think planning it is half the fun!)  Hopefully it will be
here sometime soon after Thanksgiving.

As for UGH, the Signal Transformer company (mentioned in the Resler/Behle
article - should have called them first :>) has what I was looking for, and
very reasonably priced.  The qustion still remains though, with 150W of UGH,
in a 90 gallon tank, is a supplementary heater still needed?  I know there are
others using UGH, what are you doing?  I will be building my own temperature
controller to go with the UGH system.

Thanks for all of the responses about lighting; for my 90 gallon, I think
I will scale back to 6 NO bulbs, with good electronic ballasts.  Should they
all be the same bulb, or would it be better to use a variety?  Which T8 bulbs
are people using?  As for the ballast - will any electronic rapid start ballast
do, or should I look for something particluar?  Home Depot sells a
4 bulb parallel RS electronic ballast (made by advance I think) for about
$30 - not too bad :>)

Erik - I look forward to seeing your new CO2 reactor design - I have read your
previous post, and when I get back from the holidays, will start looking for
the pieces.  Now to buy a CO2 tank, regulator and needle valve :>)

Thanks again to everyone!

david at joshua_medimg.emory.edu