Shop in DC area (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 08:02:48 -0800
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Subject: Shop in DC area

>I do not remember the name of the shop, but just off the BAltimore
>Beltway (not the DC Beltway) there is a phenomenal Aquarium Shop. Look
>them up in the Yellow Pages in DC (I found them in a DC Yellow Pages so
>I am confident they are listed) and call them for directions. Its
>pretty easy to get to. About forty minuted from DC and worth the trip.
>They have an entire aisle with three tiers of ten gallon (or bigger)
>tanks loaded with an excellent selection of plants. The aisle, by the
>way is AT LEAST sixty feet long! 

This must be the shop about which I posted before -- The Aquarium Center
in Randallstown, MD.  They are just off Liberty Road at Offut Road in a
shopping center -- exit 18 of the Baltimore Beltway (695) towards
Randallstown.  Telephone number is (410) 521-4529.  Those plant aquariums  
are 20 gallon or larger (not 10's) and supply of aquatic plants is
normally plentiful!