CO2 Diffusion tech question

From: Michael Lee Burgess, mburgess at novia_net
Date: Monday, November 25, 1996
Subject:  CO2 DIffusion Tech question

    After months of research, 3 reams paper downloaded from the net,
reading this list and the AMANO book, I took the plunge to realize a
childhood dream of a "Succesful" live plant tank (I have tried before :(
many tiems).  I found a reef-keeper who was giving up the hobby and
bought a 75 gallon Oceanic drilled aquarium with a Coralife MH Canopy
and a U.S. Auqurium Pro Reef Filter Wet/Dry.  It is beautiful, and as
soon as I build a oak stand and a new canopy for the lights, I'm going
to put in it in the entryway of my office to try and maket the church a
friendlier place.  This is going to be a great plant tank, that is if I
ever figure out the "rich substrate vs. laterite and Under Gravel Heat
coils thing :(.  Do I realy need to give my plants a hot foot?
    Included with the Wet/Dry was a Venturi Driven Protein Skimmer with
a red tube attachment called a "Mazzei Venturi Valve made from Kynar the
most ozone resistant material available."  "This pattented injection
molded valve produces micro fine bubbles... ". 
    My Question for the technically experience is; would this be a good
place to inject the CO2?  The skimmer overflows back into the sump and
from there most of the water is pumped back into the tank (though some
is rediverted into the skimmer).
     I have been out of the hobby since 82 when I gave up my fish store
job to go to grad school (and back then I was into clown anenomie fish,
blue ring octo's and flame angels :)) and so have a great deal to catch
up on.
     Thank you for all the help you have already given me as I lurked
for 3 months.
	Michael Lee Burgess:  A newbee all over again.