From: Sparrow <spug at intlog_demon.co.uk>
> Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 15:31:01 GMT
> Subject: Filtering and Carbon and......
> I am getting a little confused!
> I have recently been impressed by the look of the "Boilife" immersed
> wet/dry type filter, except that on the box it says "provides
> aeration" How is this possible when the whole thing is submerged? Does
> it have some kind of "snorkel" arrangement?
> Will it boil off injected CO2? Can a wet-dry be used on a plant tank
> without CO2 being boiled off?
> What is the best type of filter for plant tanks?
   I found an article by George Booth on CO2 loss rates in a wet/dry
filter system very convincing and because of it decided to buy a trickle
filter for my new "dream" plant tank.  The address for the complet
article follows: 
	Basically, if you do it right, wet/dry filters do not "boil off" the
CO2 even thought they are partially exposed to atmosphere.  Hope it
helps with your research.
	Michael Lee Burgess
p.s.  This is great, my very first posting helps somebody find
something!  Three cheers  for the KRIB!