Re: 90 g tank suggestions

> I have a new drawing of my latest CO2 reactor, which is effectively a
> dupla clone; acrylic tube glued to flat base with rubber feet under it,
> and epoxied to PVC reducing bushings at the top.  Drip irrigation manifold
> screwed into the top.  Media is a bunch of mini-balls (hey, I have a job
> now, I can afford stupid things like "Minikaskade" instead of rocks). CO2
> and water enter the TOP, trickle over the media, and exit the bottom
> through a little hole.  Unfortunately, haven't had the time to write the
> article that goes with it yet.
>   - Erik

Erik - 

I agree with your thinking on having the powerhead push water in through
the top of the reactor tube and exit through a hole in the side just
above the gravel and also to have the gas tube from the generator come
in through the top. I built my reactors your way. Thanks. I do not have
anything in the lift tubes I'm using. Would you repeat the logic on
using media in the reactor? The level of the water in my reactors is
usually about halfway between the gravel and the top. It varies. I
suppose the gas pressure pushes it down and the "new" water stream
doesn't really matter in its level. If I had rocks or Miniskaskade in my
gas filled tube, how might this improve dissolution of the gas into the
water? Or are we only talking about media that are underwater? Thanks. 

Jim Curto
Western Springs, IL