Re: Lighting Rule o' Thumb

I thought I would interject a little confusion into the Thumb Rule
discussions that have been circulating here and in r.a.f.p. 

"3-4 w/g - Low Medium High Light - lumens/lux - metal halogen - etc"


Our two 100g 60"x18"x22"(tall) tanks, which grow *all* aquatic plants
just fine, thank you, are each illuminated by 4 40w NO bulbs.  Each
tank has 2 T12 Tritons and 2 T10 PennPlax Ultra Tri-Lux.  15,000 lux
at the water surface.  1/30 sec exposure at f5.6 with ASA200 film.
1.6 watts per gallon.  The same light levels as our 120g 48"x24"x24"
tank with two 175w 5500K MH bulbs 14" above the water.

CO2, undergravel heating, laterite, HRDD.  It works.