Re: 25% Water Changes & Ultimate Concentration of Junk/Nutrients

> two weeks". (PPDD == Poor Persons Dupla Drops)

While we're being Politically Correct, shouldn't this be: FDPDD =
Financially Disadvantaged Person's Dupla Drops?   :-)

ObAquaticPlants: I visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week --
incredible place!  They continuously pump sea water from the bay
through the tanks.  They had planted three species of kelp in the kelp
forest tank, but six other species have drifted in and established
themselves in the display.  They even have a "petting zoo" of sorts,
where my son touched some rays, starfish, sea slugs, and clams.

They also have a freshwater display featuring some of the floral and
fauna local to Monterey -- I didn't identify them (the volunteers at
the aquarium were much more familiar with the salt-water organisms),
but the temperate climate aquatic plants were lush, growing out of the
top of the water and flowering.  Many of the displays are open to
sunlight at the top, though they are augmented with artificial

Richard Masoner
in freezing drizzly Champaign Illinois