Re: Cover Glass

Thanks to this digest and lots of good internet and e-mail advice, I now have
the best planted tank yet in my 24 years in this hobby.  Still, there is
always room to tinker.  

What is the consensus on the cover glass?  With respect to CO2, it would make
sense to have the tank covered.  With respect to light transmission, it
should be better to have the bulbs directly over the water surface without
the cover glass.  What is the thinking on this?  I have NO T-8 flourscents (2
Vita-Lite and 1 Tri-Lux) with endcaps on a remote electronic ballast.

BTW, the 64 oz plastic bottle that Ocean Spray uses to bottle its juices (I
have their Ruby Red & Tangerine in front of me) makes a tremendous DIY
yeast-CO2 generator.  Plus the juice is better for you than Coke.


Bill Cwirla
Hacienda Heights