Re: Long Island Aquarium Shop!!!

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> From: jphealy at SYSCONN_COM
> Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 09:54:08 -0500
> Subject: Long Island Aquarium Shop!!!
> On Monday, I am driving up to my old home turf, Long Island, NY. I live
> in Savannah, Georgia now and there are no aquarium shops that offer
> quality aquarium plants. There must be one or two good aquarium plant
> stores up on L.I. and I hope to be able to get away from the family to
> go visit them and squander money. Could one of you wonderful,
> intelligent, articulate, educated and knowledgeable people recommend a
> shop or two I should go to? Thanks. I'll let you know what I find.
> Justin Healy in cold Savannah gettin ready for colder NY!
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Hi Justin,
  You might try looking up shops on Long Island using the internet
yellow pages, or the phone directories at the local library.  I've had
some success using the Big Book internet yellow pages, & printing out
the locater maps.  http://www.bigbook.com/
Quick phone calls will help to pinpoint the best prospects.  You might
also want to check out Delaware Aquatics in Newark, DE on the drive
up.    If you had more time before your trip, you might be able to get
some info on good shops from aquarium clubs in that area.  There's a
list of clubs at Aqualink's web site.   http://www.aqualink.com
   Hope you find what your looking for.