Re: Weird behavior

Hi guys,
    Last month I finally started my aquarium. I bought the aquarium, the 
gravel, the filter and the plants. Right after it was all in place I 
noticed tue aquarium was leaking. As it was Sunday and I had a travel on 
Monday, returning only one week later, I removed everything and left the 
plants in a bucket with tap water, without any hope of surviving. One 
week later I returned and was surprised how well the plants had been 
doing. Some of them was even almost out of the bucket! Then I started 
the 80l aquarium again, but without artificial lighting. The plants 
seemed ok, and I started to introduce fishes after one week, changing 
the pH to 6.8 and lighting 12hs with 2 20w lamps.
    I thought the plants would thrive with this light and controlled 
enviroment, as they were nice in the bucket, but, in fact, I noticed 
they are growing slower and the new spots are something brown. What 
could be the problem? The pH? Too much light for this kind of plant? 
Lack of nutrients? As I'm a freshman, I can't tell you which plant it 
is, but I hope this behavior can mean something.
    Sorry for the bad english,
    Marcus Tortorelli
    marcus.tortorelli at online_com.br