RE: iron in Kent supplements

> 1. This statement is not true, since my estimate of final iron
> was 10-fold too high. (The formula was right, the arithmetic was wrong!)
> estimate was based on Kent's recommendation to use 1 to 3 tsp per 30 gal.

> Kent supplement has an estimated 2000 ppm iron (my measurement).
> the final concentration of iron will be approximately (assuming 4 
> litres/gallon, and 4.8 ml / tsp):
>      For 1 tsp: 2000 ppm x 4.8 ml / 120,000 ml = .08 ppm (not 0.8 ppm as 
> stated yesterday).
>      For 3 tsp: 2000 ppm x 4.8 ml x 3 / 120,000 ml = 0.24 ppm (not 2.4 as

> stated yesterday).
By your calculations what would you say the % of iron is in the Kent
product. I have also looked at this and thought about using it as the
Chelated Trace Element Mix for making PMDD.

What brands of Chelated Trace Elements are others using and where are you
getting them? I can't seem to find a source for them here. The hydroponics
shop here doesn't have anything close.

St. Louis, MO