90 gallon plant tank suggestions (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 07:13:57 -0800
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Subject: 90 gallon plant tank suggestions

IMHO, save your money on under gravel heating and put it into Triton 
Fluorescent tubes.  I have used them since they came on the market and they 
have been great.  They grow every plant that I want; and last, effectively, 
for over two years. (These tubes shut off when the effectiveness falls more 
than 10% -- a patented tube).  That way, you will not have to be changing 
tubes every six months -- which actually makes the Tritons a less expensive 

I haven't seen any great results from "undergravel" heating and the largest 
growers in the World of aquatic plants are in Florida, where they certainly 
do not use heating from below the gravel!

Good luck!