90G lighting, Plants w/Killies and Killies w/Plants

 Subject: 90-gallon lighting

> > for now I am planning to go with NO T-8 flour
> > considering 8 tubes, for a total of 256 Watts, this is a littl
> > 3W/gallon rule, but wondered if it would be enough; especially
> > that this 90 gallon is 24" high - maybe 10 would be better (bo
> > of tubes!)? 
> I use 6 in a 75, which has the same footprint as the 90, and the
> than adequate.  I beleive that the watts/gallon rule falls a lit
> when dealing with T-8's, because they put out 50% more lumen/wat
> normal output fluorescents... 

I also run my 70G (same footprint) with 6 4' T-8's.  When figuring 
how many T-8's to use ovefr a tank, I just go by how many NO 
T-12's I'd use.  While they use less energy per bulb, (and 
ballast) the lumen output is comparable to most.  

Subject: plants for killies
> Also what are good plants for keeping with killis.  I plan to se
> gallon tank with two 18w lights and probably a sand or very fine
> substrate with a little laterite mixed in (3-4 inches).  I would
> have the tank provide shelter for fry but not over clogged with 
> grow like weeds.  Was thinking more along the lines of Apon cris
> sword, giant val, and crypts.   Basically plants that have disti

Top spawning Killies prefer "fluffy" plants, or those with hanging 
roots.  Water Sprite is a favorite.  You won't provide much 
shelter for fry with large leafed plants.  Killies are very 
efficient little hunters, and are as happy eating fry as anything 
else.  If you expect to have a self renewing population, you're 
going to need the tank clogged with plants.  If you want a tank to 
_keep_ killies in, any plants will do, and you can provide them 
with a spawning mop if you want to save some eggs from time to 


Subject: killifish & plants

> o A friend (Olga) is thinking of using killies in her new paluda
>   Anyone tried this?
> It seems to me that these fish survive quite well in their natur
> environments with very strong lighting and without NaCl so my
> thinking is that one ought to be able to create suitable conditi
> without resorting to NaCl salt. I think humic and organic acids
> as well as natural salts such as CaCO3 and MgCO3 as well as plen
> of plants and an abundance of live foods are what make the diffe
> in the natural settings. Any comments?

I don't have many tanks without some Killies in them.  Killies do 
great in planted tanks!  I can't answer your questions about 
adapting plants to Killie needs because I've never needed to.  I 
don't treat _any_ fish diseases in my planted tanks.  I do not use 
salt in my tanks, and have never had a case of velvet.

I think Killies are underutilized as residents in community tanks 
_and_ planted tanks.  A trio of Clown Killies in a 2 1/2 or 5G ank 
is a sight to behold!

Just remember not to mix species in a tank if you want to raise 
any fry from them.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA