Re: Request for Mastergrow

> From: "K & A, P.A." <kapa at netrunner_net>
> I would like to get a hold of Tropica's fertilizer "Mastergrow".  Any
> ideas?
> If there are any Canadians out there in cyberspace, are there any pet
> shops that carry the stuff and would be able to ship to the U.S.?

I've seen it once or twice in a local store but they stopped carrying
it due to the high price and lack of demand. It is a good quality
supplement from my experiences. I've also had very good results using
Seachem Flourish and more recently, with PMDD. PMDD also allows you
to add nitrates and to control the amounts of various nutrients added.
Important note: with many nutrients more is not better. Excess of some
nutrients can block uptake of others. (refer recent discussions on this
subject here in the last few weeks)