Problem growing Amazon Swords

I wanted to thank everyone for their responses concerning my last
question.  I just received my trace elements to make the PMDD and have
been using the yeast method for CO2 for about one week.  Anxious to see
what happens now that I have both.

On to another problem.  In a different tank, I can not seem to get
Amazon Swords to grow.  The leaves die back and are replaced by much
smaller ones (E. bleheri, E. paniculatus).  The growth is very slow and
the leaves eventually turned brown.  This sounds like my last problem,
except that at the same time the swords were withering away, I had
Cabomba growing like crazy (Java Moss growing strong as well).  The tank
has a minor problem with dark tuft algae.  Water parameters

	pH 6.5
	Hardness 30 ppm
	Temp 80 F
	Total Fe .8
	NO3 2ppm
	Lights 4 40W (2 warm, 2 daylight) 
	Photoperiod 14 hrs (I know its a little long)
	Water depth is 8" (lights are 2' above water)
The tank has about 100 splashing tetras.

The Cabomba grows two different ways.  Some is growing with a normal
length petiole and other strands the petiole is extremely short.  The
strand looks like garland for the Xmas tree.  Just these tufts of leaves
every inch or so.  Any ideas?

Also, any plant suggestions for a tank with a pH of 8, Hardness 150ppm,
Temp 80F.