Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #333

Hi everyone, 

For those that are following along, I'm hoping to join the ranks of the
glitteratti here who have beautiful, high tech plant tanks. George,
please don't let the fact that I consider you (and Eric and Stephen and
several others) to be "glitteratti" go to your head.

After getting the stand and tank (a 120G glass monster), and figuring
out how to fudge an undergravel heater out of cheap tubing with
circulating warm water flowing through it rather than electric cables
(electricity scares the begeebers out of me), the next order of business
is lights. Ideally, I would like to have suspended MH as opposed to an
enclosed hood with fluorescents as I want to be able to look into the
tank from the top as well as through the side. Also, some of my fondest
childhood memories are of snorkelling in both freshwater streams and the
ocean watching the sunlight play over the underwater landscape. Metal
Halide lights can bring this play of light into the home aquarium in a
way that no amount of fluorescent light can ever hope to.

Trying to save myself at least a little bit of money (ever wonder why
stores sell tanks SO cheaply?), I did some research on the Web on
alternative sources for MH fixtures. Hydroponic stores felt like a
natural fit so I made a few calls and today went to visit one. What
follows is a copy of an e-mail note I sent to Michael Eckardt, a fellow
subscriber here, about what I found. Some of you might find it amusing,
if not helpful. If I'm taking up too much bandwidth, just tell me to
shut up. 

Please note that all prices quoted are in Canadian Loonies as opposed to
Yankee Dollars. Don't blame me, its what I get in my pay packet.