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Date: 21 Nov 1996 08:01:08 U
From: "CORBEIL, SCOTT" <corbels at macmail_mcgawpark.baxter.com>
Subject: Help
To: Plant forum <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>

I have a 150g planted tank, laterite in the substrate, CO2 injection via =
a 20lb Cylinder, RO water reconstituted with Weise amazon recon.  I have =
been using PMDD for approx.  2 months now (minus KNO3).  I still have a =
major problem with blue green algae, generally covering the entire tank =
in a week.  Ph.=3D 6.4 - 6.6, Phosphates are non existant according to =
the lamonte test kit.  Unfortunately, the lamonte nitrate test kit didn't =
come in yet so I don't know where my nitates lay.  I do a 15% water =
change weekly.  I have 5 angel fish, 5 clown loach, a 4 inch cat fish, =
two swords, and three mollies.  The tank is lit with two 250W metal =
halides and filtration comes from a fluval 403 and an ehiem canister =
filter.  As I state above I don't know where my nitrates are but, based =
on the fish load, would be surprised if the tank is nitrogen limited.  I =
have recently added approx. 40 plants to the tank (obtained from Delaware =
Aquatics) including corkscrew val, giant val, Becketii, Balansae, dwarf =
sag., apon crispus and nana.  Most of these plants are doing poorly, as =
the algae covered them within days.  I have since cleaned the leaves =
several times by hand to now avail.  Other plants in the tank are doing =
very well, including sunset hygro, several african swords and a banana =
sword ( doing particularly well).  
First, any feedback on these conditions would be greatly appreciated, =
particularly concerning the lack of measurable phosphates yet persistent =
algae.  Second, my gut feel is I need more plants.  What plants would you =
recommend that would survive the onslaught of algae and provide adequate =
competitive inhibition of phosphate.  

Scott Corbeil
Desperatly in need of a clean tank.