Re: H. difformis, E. Osiris & plants for high pH

>Subjects: Hygrophilla Difformis creeping along bottom & E. Osoris not

Given good light and some room, H. difformis becomes invasive and sends
prostrate stems in all directions.  It will grow up in poorer light or when
crowded by other plants.  E. osiris will not send out runners, but should
produce a flower stem if it is on a long day (more than 12 hours light).
Young plants will develop along the nodes of the flower stem.

>Subject: Plants for high pH

Try some of the old, old favorites, such as Egeria, Elodea, Vallisneria,
Najas, Ceratophyllum and Myriophyllum, Also Potamogeton and some of the
easy to grow swords are pretty tolerant of high pH.  Egeria densa
(Anacharis) is happy at a pH of 9!

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