Hygrophilla Difformis & E. Osoris

Most of my H. Difformis wants to creep along the bottom.  Sends out lots 
of roots at the leaf nodes and eventually vertical growth starts.  I 
would like to get the stuff to grow upright.  My theory is that it creeps 
along the substrate much like crab grass in order to gain more real 
estate.  Light levels are 3000 to 4000 lux as measured by a sub-lux meter 
(TFP for about $40).
Re red melon swords.  In the same tank as the above H. Difformis, I have 
a red mellon sword.  Have had it about 10 months now.  Planted in a pot 
with laterite and garden soil covered with gravel.  Plant is doing great 
with new leaves always evident and no decay of old leaves.  Total leaf 
length is about 15 inches with over 40 leaves on the plant.  Question is, 
how do I get the thing to send out runners?  

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew