Parrot's Feather and Tetra CO2 test kits

Subject: Tetra CO2 test kits
> Does anyone have any experience with Tetra's CO2 test kit? I jus
> today and tested the CO2 levels in my 55 gal tank. To my suprise
> indicated that the CO2 level in the water was too high. 

IMO, Tetra errs too far in the direction of caution.  I have yet 
to see a CO2 supplemented tank that does _not_ exceed Tetra's 
"safe" zone.   For that matter, according to them, none of the 
tanks I tested were in the "too low" zone. Use the pH/KH chart... 
it's more useful.

>  Still, th
> said if the CO2 level was "too high"  (somewhere above 15mg per 
> could cause problems with the fish.  My fish (including a betta)
> fine, however. Plus which I still have some algae problems. The 
> not give exact measurements, just a two color reference chart wh
> if the CO2 levels are too low (less than 2.5mg/l), within the ap
> range (2.5-15mg/l) or too high (more than 15mg/l). Does anybody 
> Tetras' kit or have any thoughts on this?

Because of my moderately hard water, to keep the pH where I want 
it (about 6.8) I run my tanks at about 28 mg/l CO2.  I've been 
doing this for years, and have seen no adverse effects in my fish, 
including sensitve species like Discus and Rummynose Tetras (some 
of my Rummynoses are 5+ years old)

One caveat... As long as CO2 levels are kept reasonable, what's 
much more important than the absolute value is that any changes be 
made slowly and as infrequently as possible.  I would not 
recommend working toward the higher end of the safe range with a 
yeast reactor... the output is just not steady enough.


Subject: Parrot's Feather

> Is the "Parrot's Feather" mentioned by Mark Chandler by any chan
> "Parrots' Feather" that I paid a pretty penny for last Spring,  
> Ponds folks?  If so, IS IT WINTER HARDY?  Water Hyacinth is perf
> harmless here in Central Iowa, as our winters exterminate it. Th
> some lengths to get some of it each spring.  Good stuff here.  N
> about "Parrot's Feather." 

The one Mark spoke of _is_ winter hardy, and a major nuisance in 
many areas.  Not all Milfoils are, however.  It depends which one 
you purchased.
Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA