RE: Metal Halides

>Could some of you take a look inside those parabolic reflectors and see >what kind of bulbs are actually installed?  I have a really BIG curiosity >bump about this.  Are there some true ARC bulbs out there for growing >plants? Brand names and such would sure help. One cannot rely on >advertisements to be accurate.  A wide disparity between the facts as >known by the Engineering Section and the Ad from the Advertising >Department is not at all uncommon!

I currently using two 250W metal halide bulbs on my 150g planted aquarium.  The reason I'm sure it is a metal halide system is because I build it from the component level, including a remote ballast system.  The bulbs are manufactured by a company called "EYE".

P.S.  I wouldn't trade MH lighting for anything else I've seen.

Scott Corbeil