Re: Metal Halide/Halogen bulbs

> From: JOlson8590 at aol_com
> Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 12:17:25 -0500
> Could some of you take a look inside those parabolic reflectors and
> see what kind of bulbs are actually installed?  I have a really BIG
> curiosity bump about this.  Are there some true ARC bulbs out there
> for growing plants?

All the references (as far as I know) to metal halide bulbs in this
list and in the aquarium news groups are to arc bulbs that take 5
minutes or so to reach full intensity.  There is no confusing the
insides of a MH bulb with a tungsten bulb.  They don't even use the
same sockets. 

I have personally never seen an ad in an aquarium magazine confusing
metal halide with halogen.

> Brand names and such would sure help. One cannot rely on advertisements to
> be accurate.  

Corallife/Energy Savers and Hamilton Technologies are the major
advertisers for aquarium MH bulbs and systems.  Both use a bulb made
by (arrgh- the name has escaped me but someone will mention it).  Both
offer bulbs in 4300K (cheaper) and 5500K or "Daylight" (more
expensive).  They also offer higher color temperature bulbs but they
are a different style of MH bulb and the color is more tailored to
reef use.  Most hydroponics or indoor gardening stores also sell true
MH systems.