Re: Metal Halide/Halogen bulbs

>From: JOlson8590 at aol_com
>Could some of you take a look inside those parabolic reflectors and see
>kind of bulbs are actually installed?  I have a really BIG curiosity bump
>about this.  Are there some true ARC bulbs out there for growing plants?
> Brand names and such would sure help. One cannot rely on advertisements
>be accurate.  A wide disparity between the facts as known by the
>Section and the Ad from the Advertising Department is not at all uncommon!

The Metal Halide bulbs that I've seen at Home Depot sell alongside the MV
and NA bulbs.  They're often a little different though, in that they
consist of a small glass envelope that is actually the MH bulb, and an
outer glass envelope to reduce UV radiation and reduce the effects of inner
bulb rupture.

From what I understand from talking to people who've done this, MV ballasts
can start and operate a MH bulb, but since they're not designed for them,
they can cause premature and catastrophic failure, not to mention fire.

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