Mercury Vapor

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Subject: Mercury Vapor

Hi All!

Just a few of my cents...

Mercury Vapor lamps were adapted for the hobby use quite some time ago. 
I believe Dupla was one of the first companies to begin selling them
specifically for the hobbyists.  The nice thing about them is the way
they reach their maximum light output slowly.  This gives a nice effect
and avoids shocking the fish.  I don't think anyone thought they had a
good color spectrum, but they were more powerful than the flourescents
available at that time.

Since then, with the advent of metal halide and VHO tubes, and the
increase in quality of regular flourescents, all with better color
output, mercury vapors have fallen out of favor.

However, as we all know, almost any light, if strong enough, will grow
plants.  I am currently experimenting with various flourescents.  I have
a 6500K 95CRI bulb in combination with a 7100K actinic bulb in an Amano
style tank.  I find that my foreground plants are doing great as the
blue light reaches them better.  I have the actinic going on slightly
before and after the other bulb so as to create a dawn and dusk effect. 
This tank is doing extremely well, even the glossostigma and riccia.

Does anyone else have any experience or comments on the controversial
use of actinic bulbs in combination or exclusively with plants?


Art Giacosa in cold Miami, Florida (75F)