Re: Mercury Vapor Lights

>From: olga at arts_ubc.ca
>>They have a VERY narrow spectrum of emitted
>>light. It is a very poor match for chlorophyll's needs.
>If this is the case I find it strange that Dennerle would be selling MV
>lights to go along with their planted aquarium set-ups, saying that they
>will look great and grow terrific plants. The sell florescents and MV --
>mention of MH. Are there any German readers of this digest who have used
>for plant growing?

My aquarium is set up in such a way (next to a sliding glass door) that a
MV light shines through it at night, producing a prismatic effect.  The two
biggest spikes in the spectral curve are in the green and the blue range,
with the green being the brightest.

I've read about people growing plants under MV, and I suspect that a
combination of MV and sodium would provide enough intensity at the right
spectrums to grow plants fairly well.  There's even a chance that they
might look decent, but I think I'll let someone else experiment.

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