Snail/Parasite question

I'm passing this one off to y'all.  I wonder if Disney is looking to
create a new character?  ;)    -Cynthia

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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 96 09:15:53 PST
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Subject: snails

     I hope that you can assist me with some information about a certain 
     snail/ parasite relationship that I saw on a docmentary on the 
     Discovery Channel.  I don't know the names but let me describe to you 
     what I saw.  There is a certain parasite that dwells in birds stomachs 
     and all it wants to do is get into other birds.  When is gets excreted 
     from a bird, there is a good chance that a snail will consume the 
     poop, for lack of a better term.  This is where things get exciting.  
     The parasite, in it's effort to get back into another bird, takes over 
     the snails' brain and eyes and, like a zombie, forces the snail to 
     climb a tree and stop in a most exposed and obvious place so that a 
     passing bird will eat the snail and the life cycle can continue.  That 
     is a brief description, but what I would like, and you may be able to 
     help here, is names or pictures, or books, or web addresses, or 
     resources where I could find out more about these creatures.  I hope 
     that I gave you enough info in my summary of the show that you know 
     what I'm talking about.