Fine Control Valves

I need help finding a quality fine control valve for my system. I
know, I have read G.B's FAQs on the subject, but let's say that I'm
having a little trouble finding either of those. ( or even ordering them
for that matter)
  I need name brands and model no.s too. I know someone in the plumbing
wholesale and valve business, but he really needs an idea of where to
start looking. Please feel free to e-mail me directly, but I think that
this info will probably benefit the whole list as well. I now have
everything else and this is the final piece to a new 75g planted tank,
so I'm a bit anxious.
Thanks(I hate that TIA stuff) Pat Bowerman
  P.S. I would prefer to stay with threaded fittings and away from
compression fittings.