question about duplaplant

Hey folks, 

	I was in the middle of setting up my new 50 gallon tank with 
laterite, disolving the plant stimulator tablet in a glass of water to 
pour it in the gravel; when I spilt the glass.  Recovered some but the 
dupla plant tablets got wet so I put them in a glass of with some 
residual water and sealed it with plastic rap. Well later that day my son 
was born, (shameless how I worked that in no?) and the duplaplant has 
been sitting in the glass for over a week now.  The water is brown with a 
some of the tablets still intact.  What do I do?  Pour this in when I add 
the water or do I have to buy 10 more tablets.  

	Secondly, when I set this whole thing up with lots of fast 
growing plants (suggestions welcome) do I put the 6 SAE's and 6 Otto's 
that I have been saving in immediately or wait a week or so.  My concern 
is that a newly set up tank won't have that much in the way of algae will it?
I'd hate to lose the SAE's as they were a lucky find recently in a pet 
store that doesn't know any better and was selling them as flying foxes 
for $1.20 each!! 

			Any suggestions apprecitated

					Miles Morrissey
					Easthampton, Ma USA
					mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu