Re: Re: virus warning


Actually point 2 is not quite accurate. I don't want to be
an alarmest, but consider this:

 There is a virus that infects 'MS Word' documents. It is
 embedded in a feature of 'Word' that allows macros to
 execute automatically once a 'Word' document is opened.
 The virus renders the default 'Word' template unreadable.

Any attached 'Word' documents (send via e-mail) which are
opened and read with 'Word' would infect your 'Word' 
default template (if you have this automatic feature
enabled). So, a WORD to the wise, be careful out there.

>For the N'th time:
>        1) The good times virus is a hoax
>        2) You can't get a virus by downloading and reading email
>The only way you can infect a computer with a virus is to 
>run a program that is infected with a virus or to boot
>from a disk that has a virus.

Bill Edwards 
Survey Research Lab 
Arizona State University