Subject: Lighting 

> I see this reference to a minimum of 3-4 watts per gallon all of
> on all of the lists (Discus-l, Aquarium, and Stripes) and I thin
> crock. 

There are "problems" with any rule of thumb.  BTW, I prefer the 
rule of thumb of 2-3W per gallon minimum for beginners.  No matter 
what fluorescents you're using, if you get above 3W/G, you will 
almost certainly need supplemental CO2, which is _not_ where most 
beginners start.

Since you think this rule of thumb is a bunch of crock, can you 
suggest another, based on information _EASY FOR THE BEGINNER TO 
OBTAIN_ (lumen ratings on a generic bulb are not available for the 
asking at a pet shop or even the average hardware store) that you 
think is better?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA