re: Watts vs. Lumens

>From: jphealy at SYSCONN_COM
>I am baffled. There have been several posts saying that using Wattage
>as the basis for measuring lighting is a crock. I am sure this is true.
>However, each of these posts then goes on to describe the writer's
>lighting in terms of Watts with no mention of the lumen output of the
>bulbs. +Que pasa? How many lumens per gallon are we talking about?
>Justin Healy in Cloudy Savannah where my 1.5" female shrimp is about to
>scatter God knows how many baby shrimps.

When we use the loose rule of wattage per gallon, there are assumptions
made that the lighting is of good quality.  Even if it's not, you can still
get decent results with crummy tubes at those levels.

Most of us are assuming decent tubes, with over 2000 lumens output, and a
good CRI.

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