re: Lights and condensation covers.

>From: mtn at delarue_demon.co.uk
>I've made my own lighting fixture for fluorescent tubes using plastic
>the guttering is semicircular in cross section and just about the right
size to 
>cover the bulbs. The light fixture rests on top of the tank and overlaps
>side by about 1 inch. Between the light fixture and the water surface I
>have a cheap clear plastic condensation cover. To try and improve light 
>penetration I intend to remove the condensation cover so there is nothing 
>between the lights and the water surface (approx. 1 or 2 inches below). I
>this is a fairly standard practice so some of you will already be doing
>however I still have a couple of concerns:

Some of my tanks are poorly lit but I'm not willing to allow evaporation,
so I want the tank covered.  I can't prevent reflective losses this way,
but I think I significantly reduce transmission losses by covering my tank
with cellophane.  If you were to cover the bottoms of the light fixtures
with cellophane, perhaps this would help.

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