RE: Watts vs. Lumens

> From: Warwick_D <Warwick_D at dcgate_bls.gov>
> Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:00:03 -0500
> Subject: RE: Lighting 
> I see this reference to a minimum of 3-4 watts per gallon all of the time

> on all of the lists (Discus-l, Aquarium, and Stripes) and I think it is a

> crock.  Lumens are much more important than wattage, not to mention type
> plants, and depth of tank.

The XX watts per gallon "guideline" is just that, a guideline.  It isn't
always easy or even possible to get the lumen ratings for the bulbs we use.
 Not everyone has a Lux meter handy either. Wattage on the otherhand is
something that is generally available.  For beginners it provides a
reference point to work from.

Granted if you slap 160 watts of cheap yellow kitchen bulbs, you probably
wouldn't have as many lumens as you would with 160 watts of Ultra Tri-Lux
bulbs but it's a start.