Lights and condensation covers.

I've made my own lighting fixture for fluorescent tubes using plastic guttering,
the guttering is semicircular in cross section and just about the right size to 
cover the bulbs. The light fixture rests on top of the tank and overlaps either 
side by about 1 inch. Between the light fixture and the water surface I also 
have a cheap clear plastic condensation cover. To try and improve light 
penetration I intend to remove the condensation cover so there is nothing 
between the lights and the water surface (approx. 1 or 2 inches below). I think 
this is a fairly standard practice so some of you will already be doing it, 
however I still have a couple of concerns:

1. Is it possible for moisture build up in the end caps of the lights to causes 
problems? I am really thinking about moisture building up during the night so 
that when the timer turns on the lights in the morning it could trip the RCD (I 
think these are GFIs in the US).

2. I have clumsy pl*c, (too clumsy for a plant tank!) and I was wondering if she
might cause problems by splashing the bulbs occasionally.

Anyone been down this road?