Algae-fighting plants

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Subject: Re: Algae-fighting plants

>Subject: Algae-fighting plants
>According to Tropica Plants, Ceratophyllum Demersum exhibits
>"alleopathic behaviour". That is, it excretes substances that inhibit
>algae growth. Does anyone know if other plants do this? Do these
>substances also inhibit general plant growth or is the effect limited
>to algae?
>It seems that if this is true, then algae control could at least be
>given a boost by using bunches of plants that exhibit alleopathic
>Any thoughts?
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Ceratophyllum does seem to make bluegreen algae (cyanobacteria) go away,
and, in my experience, so does Hydrilla. The cyanobacteria doesn't seem to
be killed, rather, it seems to stop growing and slowly diminish to nothing
over a month or two.   Unfortunately, neither Ceratophyllum nor Hydrilla
has any effect on green water algae.

Diana Walstad has a good literature review of allopathy in aquatic plants
and algae, starting in Vol. 8, number 4 of The Aquatic Gardener.

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