RE: Lighting

> From: Warwick_D <Warwick_D at dcgate_bls.gov>
> Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 13:00:03 -0500
> I see this reference to a minimum of 3-4 watts per gallon all of the
> time on all of the lists (Discus-l, Aquarium, and Stripes) and I think
> it is a crock.  Lumens are much more important than wattage, not to
> mention type of plants, and depth of tank.

Totally true. 

> Quality of light and lumen output of bulbs should be a much higher
> concern than wattage.

Right on.

> I prefer Ultra Tri Lux because they are extremely bright and my plants
> grow very well with them at 1.5 watts per gallon in a 20L aquarium.
> It is 2 15w 18" bulbs with the bulbs overlapping in the middle of the
> tank.

OK, let's see.  A 20L tank is 5.14 gallons.  You have 30 watts of
light.  That's, um, 5.8 watts per gallon.  Bitchin'.

Umm, you forgot to mention exactly how many lumens you have over your
20L tank.  It sounds like you have a good setup and people would like
to duplicate it.  How many lumens are required for a 20L tank?