Re: Glossostigma

> From: Michael Eckardt <mike at odg_com>
> Date: Wed, 6 Nov 96 10:47:50 EST
> Subject: Glossostigma
> >Has anyone had good luck propogating Glossostigma?
> Wonderlites (colour adjusted mercury vapour)). The plant was not growing in
> mats, but trather like a stem plant - similar to a strand of E. tennellus that

It does go more like a stem plant when the lighting is low.  In our
tanks once it wanders out of the foreground and amongst tall plants
at the rear it begins to grow upward (I'm sure I'd do the same thing
if I were a plant too :-)).  It also tends to do this in the
foreground when the mat is too thick.

> it is slowly dieing. I conclude from this that it prefers lower light levels,
> perhaps a pH below 7.0, and good water movement. 

It does well at high light levels (and even handles high
temperatures, which surprised me). We have grown it successfully in
our discus tank - 160W over a 200l tank, temperature ~28C. Perhaps it
is more the pH - both of our tanks with it are in the mid to high

Good to hear it's available in the US now.

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