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Hi all,

> A poster had complained of dying Glossostigma, dying in the space of a few
> weeks.  I had a similar experience, in that it didnt root well initially,
> often stems rotting and breaking, and allowing the leaves and intact stem
> parts to float.  Finally, after more than a month of replanting the
> fragments, the plants are starting to grow and propagate.  I am not getting
> the horizontal growth, but that is expected as I have hard water.
> Alan Van Nevel
> Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division
> alan at peewee_chinalake.navy.mil

> Wonderlites (colour adjusted mercury vapour)). The plant was not growing in
> mats, but trather like a stem plant - similar to a strand of E. tennellus that
> is rooted at only one end.
> The glossostigma was never growing strongly, although it did flower after it
> broke the surface. Now, in its new home, with lots of light, lots of nutrients
> both in the substrate and in the water, it is not growing at all. If anything
> it is slowly dieing. I conclude from this that it prefers lower light levels,
> perhaps a pH below 7.0, and good water movement.
> Mike

Glossostigma is a finicky plant.  First you must start with a good,
healthy plant.  I got mine from Darin Gasperson and is doing great.

Second, you must provide very soft water 2-3dh, proper fertilization
(both in the water column and in the substrate), and plenty of intense
light.  Light is most important as glossostigma is a stem plant that
will grow upwards if not provided with strong direct light.  The pH
should be in the mid to high 6.

Sources of this information: Aqua Design Amano, Claus Christensen and my

Hope it helps!

Art Giacosa
Miami, Florida