C02 pellets

In Response to Rochelle's question re: CO2 pellets...
I was also interested in using the 'CEOMAT' system, before deciding to build my
own pressurized-gas version.  I did a little investigating and decided against
the pellets.  The reasons are as follows;

1) PRICE!  The CEOMAT system is priced around $160.00 US and is little more than
an acrylic vessel with a drip regulator,
2) COST TO REFILL!  The CeoPack refill costs $13.00 US and fills the unit twice.
I can fill my 10 lb. CO2 bottle for $6.00,
3) WHAT IF THEY QUIT MAKING THE PELLETS?  I can always find someone using CO2
gas (welding supply, beverage co., etc.),
4) THE SYSTEM IS NOT EASILY AUTOMATED.  How do you turn off the water *and* the
CO2 to the tank...? two solenoid valves?
	a) What's the gas composition? (99% CO2, 97% CO2??)
	b) How much (volume) does one fill-up of pellets yield?
	c) How often do I have to fill the water reservoir? (the unit uses tap
water to cause the pellets to release CO2)
	d) What if somebody opens the water drip valve all the way?  Does it
explode? (a common fear of  pressurized bottle owners)

Prior to joinng this list, I sent for info, direct to the vendor, and got no
response.  I got a flyer with a pretty picture of the product and the price, but
no details.  In the Ad, it "claims" to be safer, and to be fair, it IS much
smaller and much better looking than my humble homebrew rig.  But I'm still
alive and have been using my gas bottle without injury for several months
without problems.  I built a pressurized gas system for about $125.00 and it IS
automated, and the bottle lasts me about 6 months, give or take.  It would last
longer if I used a better reactor (OK,OK I'm building one! - Thanks to the 'Krib
for the details).  Now that I've vented (pun intended), I feel better...

A friend wants to do 'the Amano Thing' and she's concerned  about CO2 gas in
pressurized cylinders.  My wife was too, until I had her go to the welding
supply place, flirt with the macho types at the gas service dock, refill my 10
lb. cylinder, and now she's quite comfortable with the idea :)...I'd welcome any
info anyone has been able to gather on the topic (like answers to items 5a-5d
above).  But that's my $.02 worth.


Dennis S. Gray
'From the Land that Autumn Forgot'