Stupid Question

I've been gone from the list for awhile, I hope everyone will pardon me for
dropping back in with a stupid question...

I've got a Sandpoint pH controller on my tank, and after much too long a
delay, I'm finally getting around to cleaning and re-calibrating my probe.
Unfortunately, I can't remember that very safe place I decided to put the
Sandpoint instructions :-), and I can't seem to find a working phone number
for Sandpoint (are they out of business?), so I'm not sure of the proper
method to recalibrate the probe.

What I've done, based on memory and guesswork, is to clean the probe, put
it in the 7.0 standard, and turn the calibration screw until the meter
reads 7.0.  I then rinsed the probe, inserted it into the 10.0 standard,
and adjusted the slope screw until the meter read 10.0.  This seemed to go
fairly smoothly, but I can't help wondering if I should have gone the other
direction (set to 10, slope to 7), particularly since the range I'm
interested in is 6.0 - 6.5, or whether I'm forgetting a step or two here.

If anyone can enlighten me as to the proper procedure, I'd be much obliged.


- Chuck Lawson