African Rift Lakes Biotope

The question I'm asking you came from a picture I saw in the Book of Dr
Rataj and Horeman on aquatic plants at the page 37 (in the french version).
In this picture we saw dense planted area from lake Malawi. Mostly the only
plants who occur in these rift lake (malawi, Tanganyka and Victoria) where
awfwuchs (algae cover on rocks) and suspended algae. But in the picture we
seen higher plant, so my question is what the aquatic plant who live in
these lakes cause I wath to built a african cichlid tank base on plant, if
these plant where available. Even if I prefer to built a biotope aquarium,
other types of aquatic plant able to live in such habitat can be interesting
(for the moment I know only that Vallisneria gigantea can live quite well in
this type of water and Hygrophylla salisifolia, but not necesseraly at the
same level). I'll be very interested in your observations if you had try at
a certan time plants in african cichlid aquariums, wich plant and what are
the results. 

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